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Red River Gorge Tick List


A couple of weeks ago I was at the RED, as mentioned in my previous post. It was my best climbing trip ever, and I’m very excited to have completed so many 4 and 5 star classics. My goal was to do 10 new 5.12’s, and I only got 8, but I’m okay with that, I climb for fun. I managed to onsight three 5.12a’s, and second try I did both Cell Block Six (5.12c), and Jesus Wept (5.12d), both 5 star classics. I also did 3 new 5.12b’s, two of them second try. The thing I love about the Red is always being able to do new routes! After climbing so many years at Rumney, it’s such a treat to try and onsight a straight forward climb!

Here is my Sent List:

Immaculate Deception 5.12a Onsight
Kick Me in the Jimmy 5.12a Onsight
Primus Noctum 5.12a Onsight
Rocket Dog 5.12b 2nd try
Iniquity 5.12b 2nd try
Whipper Snapper 5.12b 3rd try
Cell Block Six 5.12c 2nd try
Jesus Wept 5.12d 2nd try

The Red is awesome!

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November 1st, 2012 at 12:02 pm

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